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November 27, 2019by Hilltop0

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Hilltop Preparatory Upper School is a vital section of the school. This section comprises classes 6, 7, and 8 with boarding being compulsory. When these pupils graduate from Middle School and cross over to Upper School, it immediately dawns on them that the environment is different. The amount of work increases significantly as nothing is left to chance. The pupils quickly discover that there is an official morning and evening preps timetable that must be followed religiously.

Discipline is paramount and a core value of upper school. Pupils are required to put on the correct school uniform at all times, have their shirts tucked in and their socks pulled up. Girls have to maintain modest hairstyles while boys are expected to maintain short and well-kempt hair.

It’s also at this stage that the children are starting to mature into pre-teens and the concepts of teamwork and collaboration are emphasized to achieve common understanding and direction on issues and challenges.

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