Middle Primary

November 27, 2019by Hilltop0

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Middle School at Hilltop Preparatory School is between classes 3 and 5. This category deals with children aged between 8 and 10 years. The age bracket is special and sensitive to us since psychologists associate this age with the completion of major developmental strides. It is also an explorative age since children cannot identify themselves with any particular skill, understanding, or interest.

Our teachers are encouraged to keep all children focused, ask high order questions, and give tasks that keep the children challenged at whatever level they operate from, based on their abilities. Based on this understanding, the Middle School endeavors to form a holistic child by exposing children to as many disciplines as the school can practically offer within the available resources.

As a result, our children have excelled in various activities like sports, music, and drama besides academics. Our goal is to widen the scope of nurturing as many talents as possible. This is because we strongly believe that achievement should not just be narrowed down to A’s but any other talent that a pupil can perform and excel in.

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