The Hilltop Preparatory Dream

November 25, 2019by Hilltop0

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The idea of starting a private school was first mooted in the mid-1970s by Dorcas Njeri Wafula, the wife of the founder chairman, Hillary Pius Wafula. At the time, as a Head Teacher in one of the local primary schools in Kitale, she saw a gap in the provision of quality primary school education. She also realized children attending schools located within town performed poorly in national examinations due to noise, continuous disruptions and too much exposure to the wrong environment. Upon her retirement from Teacher Service Commission in the early 1980s, Dorcas began the process of putting her thought together of what her “dream school” would look like. Many years went by as she continued to put the pieces of the puzzle together cumulating to the eventually actualized of her dream in 2005 with the establishment of Hilltop Preparatory School on their farm, Bridge Dairy Farm, on top a hill that allowed for the best view of the surrounding serene environment that was ideal for children to grow and learn in.

The founders’ dream was to provide all children with a safe and secure environment that encouraged the child to realize their full potential as they grew in a warm, positive and homely environment. This, in their view, was key for the all-round development of the child in a fast-changing global environment. Both founders of Hilltop came from very humble backgrounds to excel in their lives and it is with this background in mind, that Hilltop has continued to establish itself as the environment where all children would make their educational and life journey a success.

In memory of the founders as we live their dreams.

The founders have since passed on but their dreams have continued to live on. From its very humble beginnings in 2005 with an initial student population of 12, Hilltop Preparatory School now boasts of over 500 students population. The new leadership of the school has exciting new ideas for growth including expansion into a high school on the land adjacent to the current school, enhancement of school ground for extra-curriculum activities, building a competition class swimming pool, indoor sports arena, staff housing among many other ideas.

Over the years, Hilltop has become an institution that continuously excelled in the KCPE national examinations and has continued to produce some of the country’s top students, who have made significant strides in life after Hilltop.

As we look into the future, the Board of directors and Shareholders are committed to growing and developing Hilltop as we live our founders’ dream and maintain the legacy.

“You are all welcome to visit Hilltop and experience our world”

Karibu and Welcome.


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