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Hilltop has a modern computer lab installed with up-to-date computer machines. The computer lab takes up to 20 students per session. With the introduction of the new education system 2-6-3-3-3, Hilltop Preparatory School is gearing towards providing and using computers as a media of learning and content delivery for all our children.

The library provides more learning materials for the students over and above the school course books.



Hilltop Preparatory School has invested in a modern transport system. The school buses are used to pick and drop day schooling students to and from their homes, and also for children’s educational and extra-curriculum school trips. The drivers and conductors of each school bus are trained on how to handle children. They are also closely monitored to ensure the safety of all our children while they are on transit on any Hilltop Preparatory school bus. All out vehicles are well maintained and fitted with safety devices e.g. speed governors and safety belts for each passenger.



The school management is working on installing a competition-size swimming pool for school extra-curriculum purposes. The swimming pool will be available for all students (both boarders and day schoolers) according to the provided extra-curriculum timetable. The architectural plan is complete and construction starting soon.



Hilltop offers nutritious and well-balanced meals that meet the needs of all the students in the school. We maintain strict policies on hygiene while handling food and all the standards concerning hygiene are met.


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