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Hilltop Preparatory School offers a conducive learning environment with a competent team of teachers whose main objective is to provide quality education.

We offer a unique blend of educational and extra-curriculum activities to equip and produce versatile champs who will impact their generation in a competitive world.

We offer a limited opening from ECDE up to Class 6. Admissions for classes 7 & 8 are done under special circumstances.

Your child will need to physically seat for the entry exams at the school. The child will need to attain the entry marks/grades acceptable by the school examination council.

The parents/guardians will then have a face-to-face meeting with the Head Teacher and his team.

The child will have a face-to-face meeting with his or her future teacher for assessment.

The parent is given the admission letter and pays the necessary fees and costs associated with the child’s admission to Hilltop Preparatory School.

Both the child and parent/guardians meet the admission teams for final induction as the child joins the school.

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